FPF in 2021: Delivering Privacy Insights & Expert Analysis

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With the last days of 2021 upon us, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on this exciting year that saw FPF expand its presence both domestically and around the globe, while producing engaging events, thought-provoking analysis, and insightful reports with real-world impact.

Growing Global Expertise

The scope of FPF’s international work continued to expand this year, as policymakers around the world are focused on ways to establish or improve privacy frameworks. More than 120 countries have now enacted a privacy or data protection law, and FPF both closely followed and advised upon significant developments in Asia, the European Union, and Latin America. 

FPF saw its presence in Asia grow substantially this year with the opening of the FPF Asia-Pacific office, headed by Dr. Clarisse Girot. The FPF Asia-Pacific office will provide expertise in digital data flows and discuss emerging data protection issues in a way that is useful for regulators, policymakers, and data protection professionals. Along with the opening of the office, FPF also announced a partnership with the Asian Business Law Institute (ABLI) to support the convergence of data protection regulations and best privacy practices in the Asia-Pacific region. The Asia-Pacific office held several events in the months following its opening, including a virtual event during Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Week and an event co-hosted with the Asian Development Bank titled Trade-Offs or Synergies? Data Privacy and Protection as an Engine of Data-Driven Innovation.

Following the Indian government’s passage of regulations that placed strict rules for the removal of illegal content and automated scanning of online content, FPF published a review of the new rules and included relevant resources with more information. This year also saw FPF announce Malavika Raghavan as the new Senior Fellow for India. This appointment further expanded FPF’s reach in Asia to one of the key jurisdictions for the future of data protection and privacy law.

We released many reports and blog posts analyzing privacy legislation in the EU, Brazil, Japan, Russia, and South Korea, and elsewhere. One example was the blog post published in March by Dr. Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna, now FPF

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