Former CIA programmer convicted of data theft

Joshua Adam Schulte has been convicted by the New York court for leaking confidential data to WikiLeaks. According to the judge, he knew well that his actions were a threat to national security. The penalty will be announced at a later date.

That reports the US Department of Justice in a press release.

This is how the data breach at the CIA came about

Joshua Adam Schulte, 33, worked as a software developer at the US intelligence agency CIA. In this position, he had access to the most valuable and secret tools in the fight against terrorism and organized crime. At one point, Schulte began to feel guilty and tried to make amends for his actions by handing over the bugs to WikiLeaks.

In 2017, a website called Vault 7 appeared where whistleblowers could upload classified documents. At that time, more than 8,000 documents appeared online. It found that the CIA could hack, eavesdrop and track desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. In his role as a programmer, Schulte made an important contribution to the development of these hacking tools.

Suspect waged ‘information war’ against the government

According to the public prosecutor, Schulte was responsible for the data breach. His employer would ignore his complaints about the work environment. So he tried “to burn to the ground the work he had helped create,” the prosecutor said.

While Schulte was in custody awaiting trial, he continued his crimes. From prison, he tried to leak even more classified material. According to the prosecutor, he was waging an “information war” against the government

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