Forging Ahead in 2023: Insights From Trend Micro’s 2023 Security Predictions

The year ahead is shaping up to be a period of uncertainty for both cybercriminals and defenders, who will move forward with caution in the face of a business landscape that’s fraught with security blindsides and economic ebbs and flows. For decision-makers, 2023 provides an opportunity to reevaluate their security playbooks and shine a light on the overlooked areas of their cybersecurity infrastructure. As more businesses strive to accommodate a more distributed workforce, security teams will have to contend with limited visibility over an ever-increasing enterprise perimeter and oft-neglected attack surfaces like open-source software that could enable potential cyberattacks. Enterprises will also make inroads in their digital transformations thanks to innovation drivers like artificial intelligence (AI), 5G connectivity, and cloud-based tools, but struggle with implementation woes and a lack of top talent to secure these new technologies.

Threats will also continue to mount against enterprises, with malicious actors working to stay ahead of the game by capitalizing on outdated protocols, vulnerabilities in internet-facing devices, and overworked security teams. Some attackers will set their sights on big-game targets like automobiles via the cloud applications connected cars use; others will want to turn a profit from data monetization schemes. While there are cybercriminals that plan to ride out the uncertainties of 2023 with a return to time-tested methods like social engineering-based attacks, those in ransomware circles may branch out to entirely new business models instead.

In this blog entry, we discuss select predictions and major developments in various

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