Fog Makes Police Surveillance Easier and Cheaper — But at What Cost to Your Privacy?

Law enforcement agencies across the US can now track potential suspects and witnesses, without setting off alarm bells, using Fog Reveal. This cheap and effective software from Fog Data Science allows police to use mobile signals to pinpoint any device present in the vicinity of a crime scene

Digital privacy advocates are in uproar, asking if this type of search is even legal in light of the 4th Amendment.

Find out more about what Fog Reveal does, how it works, who can use it, and how you can protect yourself, as we take a deeper look into this easy-to-use surveillance tool.

Shield Your Mobile Devices

What Does Fog Reveal Do?

Imagine software that allows you to track anyone, anytime. You can see which establishments they frequent, what time they get to work, and when they typically go home. No sophisticated hardware required — simply log in and check out the scene via an app on your mobile device.

Well, it’s here. Licensed by Fog Data Science, Fog Reveal gives state and local police the power to easily search by location or device information

What results does the app pull up? Where the specific device has been, for how long, and what other devices were in the same location at, or around, that time. A crime investigator’s dream! 

Fog Reveal lets users search signals worldwide.

How Fog Reveal Works

Fog gets its location and device data from its partner company Venntel. This data is acquired from

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