Florida Dept. of Veterans Affairs Hit with Ransomware Attack by Quantum

The prolific ransomware group that goes by the name of Quantum has published the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs as the group’s latest victim, just released earlier today.

The group maintains a website on the Dark Web called “Quantum Blog” that includes a list of all of the group’s victims. While Quantum is not as active as some other ransomware gangs, such as Lockbit, Conti, or Blackhat, the group has still managed to breach a number of large organizations over the past year.

The latest breach of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs (FDVA) would be one of the largest attacks in the group’s history.

If the claims are accurate, this could potentially expose the private data of veterans, employees, and contractors associated with the FDVA. The implications of this data breach could be catastrophic, exposing thousands of people to identify theft, fraud, and financial exploitation by various threat actors.

Quantum routinely publishes the private data of its victims on the Dark Web if the group’s ransom demands (financial payout) are not met.

With the blog post published on the “Quantum Blog” earlier today, Quantum is claiming to have exfiltrated 1.1 TB of data from FDVA that includes:

Veterans dataEmployee dataFinancial dataHR dataSupplier contractsTax dataSocial Security Numbers

Below is a screenshot of the exploit announcement earlier today that RestorePrivacy obtained from Quantum’s Dark Web blog site.

The announcement of the latest ransomware victim, FDVA, was published earlier today on May 27, 2022. FDVA contacted for comment


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