Florida Department of Veterans Affairs Private Data Leaked on Dark Web

A few weeks ago we first reported on the Quantum ransomware gang claiming the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs as a victim. A spokesperson for the FDVA claimed the ransomware group was “unsuccessful” in attempts to install ransomware on FDVA servers. Quantum responded by releasing a sample of FDVA data on the Dark Web. We analyzed the data (redacted below) and obtained exclusive commentary on the situation.

On May 27, 2022, the Quantum ransomware group claimed the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs (FDVA) as its latest victim. That same day, we published an article explaining the background of Quantum, its past victims, and the potential implications of an FDVA data breach.

Since the announcement was first published on Quantum’s Dark Web blog site, the group has claimed to have a massive 1.1 TB of FDVA data. This data allegedly includes:

All possible data: veterans data, employees data, financial data, HR data, contracts with suppliers, tax and ssn [social security numbers] data and so on

– Quantum ransomware group

Here is Quantum’s post claiming the FDVA data breach:

Quantum’s blog announcement on the FDVA.
Source: RestorePrivacy.com

Following our story on the topic, a USA Today reporter contacted the FDVA for comment.

The FDVA spokesperson told the reporter that Quantum was “unsuccessful” in its attempt to install ransomware.

“An attempt was made last week to install ransomware in several files on servers belonging to our agency. The attempt was unsuccessful and there are no infected files following the attempt. We

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