Five steps to create and remember strong passwords

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If you’re struggling to think up strong passwords you can remember for your online accounts, here’s a simple, secure solution — for you and the whole family.

You’ve heard the security advice: “Create a unique, strong password for each account”. But are you doing that for every login? And what about the Netflix account you share with others in your family, and all their individual accounts?

“Why would hackers target me?” your family might ask, and they’re probably right. Your credentials are much more likely to be lost in a data breach. In the US alone, millions of people fall victim to data breaches every year.

If any of your login details are ever leaked (one source to find out is Have I Been Pwned), the personal and financial losses could be devastating. That’s why everyone needs to create strong passwords and find a way to remember or store them securely.

Here are five steps everyone in your family can use to secure their

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