Five easy steps to keep your smartphone safe from hackers

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Your smartphone is the key to not just your online life, but increasingly, almost every aspect of your everyday life. 

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You use it for communicating with friends and family, taking photos, sharing posts on social media, browsing the web, accessing your bank account, online shopping, streaming and much more.

That’s great, but it also means that your smartphone holds vast amounts of information about you — your private conversations, your passwords, your bank details, your browsing history. 

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And the security risks which potentially threaten your smartphone and accounts by criminals isn’t just limited to hackers; if your smartphone is lost or stolen, whoever ends up with it could easily take advantage of your info for their own gain. 

Here’s five simple tips for keeping your smartphone secure – whether it’s straight out of the box, or a phone you’ve used for years. 

Apply software updates and security patches 

This one should be easy: when you buy a new smartphone, whether that’s an Android smartphone or an Apple iPhone, one of the very first things you should do when setting it up is download the latest update for the operating system.  

Among the quality of life improvements, these software updates fix cybersecurity vulnerabilities which have been found in the operating system – so applying the updates is the best

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