FIN7 hacker trialed in Russia gets no prison time

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A Russian court handed down a mild one-year suspended prison sentence to a member of the FIN7 hacking group, a notorious cybercrime cartel that has hacked more than 100 US companies between 2015 and 2018.

The man, whose identity was not initially shared in a press release circulated to Russian media last week, was identified today by The Record in Russian court proceedings as Maxim Zhukov Sergeevich (Максим Жуков Сергеевич), a 36-year-old from the city of Vladimir.

Zhukov previously worked as a developer for Combi Security, a Russian company that the US Department of Justice described in 2018 as a front company and fake security firm through which FIN7 hired new members and used them to hide intrusions as penetration tests.

According to public directories [archived], Zhukov worked as a Ruby programmer specialized in Metasploit, a legitimate penetration-testing framework that was a known tool used by FIN7 in past operations.

Image: The Record

Zhukov was identified as a FIN7 member and detained by Russia’s FSB security service in February 2019

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