Fed. Circ. Wary Of Atty's 'Buzzwords' In Location IP Suit

By Khorri Atkinson (June 7, 2022, 5:31 PM EDT) — A Federal Circuit judge did not seem compelled by inventor Sholem Weisner’s bid to revive his location-tracking patent infringement suit against Google, saying the four patents-at-issue are invalid under Alice and that Wesiner’s counsel is using “buzzwords” from judicial precedent without providing any specificity.

U.S. Circuit Judge Todd M. Hughes took aim at Weisner’s attorney, Matthew De Preter of Aronberg Goldgehn Davis & Garmisa, who insisted that the patents cover an inventive concept, primarily an improved method for personalized web searching based on a user’s location and preferences. De Preter, who urged a three-judge panel Tuesday to overturn a New York…

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