FCC wants $3 billion extra to remove Huawei network equipment

Removing all network equipment from Huawei and ZTE in American networks is a lot more expensive. The cost for this is estimated at nearly $5 billion. That means that the regulator is more than 3 billion dollars short.

Jessica Rosenworcel, chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), wrote in a letter to Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell, Reuters news agency reported. Cantwell is the chairman of the Senate committee on this.

‘Huawei and ZTE pose a threat to national security’

The US government on the one hand and Huawei and ZTE on the other have been at odds with each other for several years. Then-President Donald Trump accused Huawei of spying on Western companies and sharing this information with the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army. Huawei has always denied the allegations and continues to adhere to all applicable rules.

But to no avail: In the summer of 2019, Trump put Huawei, ZTE and seventy other Chinese tech companies on the  Entity List. American companies were not allowed to do business with the parties on this blacklist.

The decision was supported by a ruling from the FCC. The telecom watchdog determined that Huawei and ZTE  posed a threat to US national security. In its own words, there was “overwhelming evidence” that both companies were guilty of espionage. In addition, both companies reportedly had close ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the military and are required by law to cooperate with government data requests.

“We will not allow the Chinese Communist Party to exploit weaknesses in our network and expose our vital communications

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