FCC Aggressively Moves To Block Spam Calls

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Yesterday, I had a dozen — count ’em a dozen — spam calls. My carrier, Verizon, does a good job of marking most of them as spam, but it’s not perfect. Some calls get through. Now, if I were like most of you, I’d just ignore any call from an unknown number. Alas, I’m not. I’m a journalist, so I sometimes get calls that I must take from numbers I’ve never seen before. Sometimes you must do that too. But, now the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is finally putting a stop to many spammers. 

The FCC is doing this by forbidding legitimate telecom companies from taking calls originating from voice service providers whose certification doesn’t appear in the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation Database. This means “voice service providers will be prohibited from directly accepting that provider’s traffic.”

Technically that works because telecoms must now block traffic from “voice service providers that have neither certified to implementation of STIR/SHAKEN

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