FBI takes Russian botnet offline with help from the Netherlands

The FBI, in collaboration with enforcement agencies from Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, has taken down a large Russian botnet. The botnet, also known as RSOCKS, had infected millions of devices worldwide. In addition to private individuals, computers and IoT applications of a university, hotel and television studio were also hacked.

That writes the US Department of Justice in a press statement.

This is what you need to know about a botnet

A  botnet is a network of infected computers or other (mobile) devices. An infected device is also called a zombie, the one that manages the network is a botmaster. Owners often do not realize that their hardware is part of a botnet. The administrator uses the infected devices to, for example, perform a  Distributed Denial of Service or  DDoS attack. This shuts down servers and websites by bombarding them with huge amounts of connection requests.

In addition to a DDoS attack, a botnet can also be used to flood internet users with spam messages. The perpetrators use so-called  Command & Control servers  (C&C servers) for this. These servers are the nerve centre or headquarters from which hackers receive stolen data and send spam. With spam messages, scammers try to obtain as much personal information as possible from unsuspecting victims. This form of cybercrime is also known as phishing.

Accounts hacken via brute force attacks

The RSOCKS bot master mainly focused on equipment with Internet of Things (IoT) applications. These are products that are connected to the internet and communicate with other devices in this

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