FBI: ‘No indications that Russia is taking action against hackers’

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Paul Abbate, deputy director at the FBI, says there are no signs that Russia is cracking down on Russian hackers responsible for cyber-attacks against the US. He says the government has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for help, but he is not taking any action. In his view, nothing has changed in the Kremlin’s attitude.

Biden wants Putin to take action against Russian hackers

SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, JBS, Kaseya: the US has been hit several times this year by large-scale and socially disruptive cyber attacks. In June, US President Biden ran out of patience. He reached out to his Russian counterpart Putin to discuss cyber-attacks on US soil carried out by Russian hackers. Biden told Putin he expects Russia to take action against Russian hackers who attack American targets, even if the Kremlin has not ordered it.

Biden also gave the Russian president a warning: If the Russian government is unable or refuses to take action against hackers carrying out cyber attacks, the US will take matters into

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