FBI decision to withhold Kaseya ransomware decryption keys stirs debate

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This week, the Washington Post reported that the FBI had the decryption keys for victims of the widespread Kaseya ransomware attack that took place in July yet did not share them for three weeks. 

Hundreds of organizations were affected by the Kaseya attack, including dozens of hospitals, schools, businesses and even a supermarket chain in Sweden. 

Washington Post reporters Ellen Nakashima and Rachel Lerman wrote this week that the FBI managed to obtain the decryption keys because they accessed the servers of REvil, the Russia-based criminal gang that was behind the massive attack.

Kaseya attack

REvil demanded a $70 million ransom from Kaseya and thousands from individual victims before going dark and shutting down significant parts of its infrastructure shortly after the attack. The group has since returned, but many organizations are still recovering from the wide-ranging July 4 attack. 

Despite the large number of victims of the attack, the FBI did not share the

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