Far-right host Epik confirms its data was breached by Anonymous

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The infamous domain registrar Epik has officially confirmed the news Hackread.com broke earlier this month that its systems were hacked by a group affiliated with the Anonymous hacktivist collective.

On September 15th, Hackread.com published a detailed story revealing that the online hacktivist group Anonymous hacked “a decade’s worth of data” from Epik, a firm known for providing hosting to right-wing platforms like Texas GOP, Gab, Parler, 8chan, and the abortion whistleblower for the Texas Right to Life’s website.

It is worth noting that Texas GOP was also hacked in a separate attack by Anonymous just days before Epik’s hack.

Official Statement from Epik

The company, touted to be the Swiss Bank of Domains, took to Twitter to confirm the data hack. The tweet read:

“On September 15, we confirmed that certain customer-account information for our domain-related systems was accessed and downloaded by unauthorized third parties.” The firm sent data breach notifications to its customers, urging them

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