Facebook hits back at claims its AI has minimal success in fighting hate speech

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Image: Facebook

Facebook integrity VP Guy Rosen has shut down claims that the AI technology it uses to fight hate speech is having little impact, saying it’s “not true”. Instead, he claimed the prevalence of hate speech on Facebook has been down by almost 50% in the last three quarters.

“We don’t want to see hate on our platform, nor do our users or advertisers, and we are transparent about our work to remove it,” Rosen wrote in a blog post.

“What these documents demonstrate is that our integrity work is a multi-year journey. While we will never be perfect, our teams continually work to develop our systems, identify issues and build solutions.”

Rosen’s post was in response to a Wall Street Journal article that reported, based on leaked internal documents, the social media giant’s AI technology created to remove offensive content such as hate speech and violent images has had little success.

The report pointed out that

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