Extradited Alleged ShinyHunters Hacker Pleads Not Guilty in US Court

The ShinyHunters group is known for some of the largest data breaches in 2021-2022, in which the personal data of hundreds of millions of users was leaked on the now-seized Raidforums.

In July 2022, HackRead.com reported on Sebastian Raoult, an alleged member of the ShinyHunters hacking group, who was arrested at Rabat International Airport in Morocco at the request of the United States.

This week, the 21-year-old French citizen from Epinal City was extradited to the U.S. and charged with nine counts, including conspiracy, computer intrusion, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft.

Raoult pleaded not guilty to the cybercrimes on Friday in Seattle federal court. The presiding Magistrate Judge, Michelle Peterson, ordered him to be detained as a flight risk until a hearing on the 3rd of April 2023.

The alleged ShinyHunters hacker Sebastian Raoult

According to the indictment announced by U.S. Attorney Nick Brown, Sebastien Raoult, also known as Sezyo Kaizen, was a member of a hacking group that called itself ShinyHunters. They are known for targeting high-profile companies, stealing their databases, and selling them on the dark web as well as clearnet.

Over the years, HackRead.com has extensively reported on the activities of the ShinyHunters group. The group has claimed responsibility for several high-profile data breaches. These include companies in the United States, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and many more.

It is worth noting that ShinyHunters was mainly active on the now-seized Raidforums. Here is a list of some of the data breaches claimed by

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