Exterro enhances digital forensic investigation portfolio for law enforcement teams

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Exterro announced upcoming enhancements across its entire digital forensic investigation portfolio. The FTK family of products will offer support for law enforcement and enterprise investigators for any type of forensic investigation, whether they’re investigating a breach or investigating a suspect.

In high-pressure forensic investigations, skyrocketing data volumes and devastating cyber-attacks have driven demand for forensic tools that significantly reduce collection, processing, and review timeframes to get key case-evidence in front of investigators much faster. Additionally, the growth of remote working has increased the need for secure, cloud-data source collection, as well as remote collection from any endpoint, anywhere, while ensuring data integrity and protecting chain of custody.

Meeting these needs and more, the Exterro FTK Product Portfolio – including the flagship FTK Lab, FTK Enterprise, and newly released FTK Central offerings – will bring substantially enhanced stability, automation, and reliability across the board, together with a faster collection and processing engine.

Among multiple new features, it adds offline language translation support for cross-border investigations

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