Exclusive Interview With David Monnier, Chief Evangelist Of Team Cymru

1. Why is it important that businesses invest in ASM solutions as part of their cyber security strategy? 

David Monnier: 

In order to understand why investing in an ASM is important, we simply need to look at the state of the world today. 60% of knowledge workers are now working remotely, which has increased the attack surface. It’s predicted that by 2025, 45% of organizations will have experienced an attack on their software supply chain.

Additionally, 60% of organizations will use cybersecurity risk to assess target acquisitions and mergers. What these all have in common is they demonstrate the challenge of identifying and managing a dynamic external attack surface. Yet many organizations don’t have the right tools in place to keep themselves informed of these fluid changes..

Businesses wanting to ensure they’re keeping their assets protected should turn to ASM solutions today, and with a sense of urgency as well — because external risks can bring significant financial impact beyond the initial cost of breach.

2. Many businesses find ASM solutions to be expensive. Is this justified or not?

David Monnier:

In our survey, nearly 50% stated they were sunsetting ASM. When asked why, direct cost was the reason for over 38% of respondants. If we look objectively as to why, it really does come down to first generation ASM failing to realize value as priced through lack of features, functions, and integration. ASM 1.0 told you about a problem, whereas ASM 2.0 can help you quantify and manage risks more effectively — it’s a

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