Everything You Need To Know About Open Source Network Monitoring Tools

It’s necessary to monitor your company’s network for several reasons. Modern networks can be monitored in a variety of ways. In contrast to application performance management systems, which use agents to retrieve performance information from the application stack, network monitoring tools are specifically made for the purpose of monitoring network traffic and response times. 

Regardless of the sector you operate in, you must install some sort of network monitoring if your company relies on a network to function. Tools for network monitoring are a priceless resource that gives you the visibility you need to maintain your system’s operation. The performance of individual nodes and apps can be monitored using open-source network monitoring tools. 

This article provides an overview of open-source network monitoring and tools that can be deployed.

Why Are Network Monitoring Tools Important?

Tools for network monitoring are essential for maintaining networks since they let you monitor all connected devices from a single location. By identifying devices with poor performance, these tools make it easier for you to intervene and troubleshoot the problem at the source.

Executing thorough troubleshooting can reduce performance issues and guard against security vulnerabilities. Another benefit of routine network maintenance is preventing disruptions that could send thousands of customers offline.

Using a network monitoring tool, you can:

Auto-discover connected devices View real-time and past performance data for devices and apps. Set up alerts to notify unusual activities. Analyze network activity through graphs and reports Benefit Of Open Source Monitoring


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