Everyday cybersecurity practices inadequate among many online consumers

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Bitdefender released a report which reveals how consumers across various age groups and socio-demographic backgrounds behave on popular platforms, applications and devices, affecting cybersecurity risk. Findings show basic practices for securing data, protecting identity and sharing information are lacking despite increased threats and heightened concern over cybercrime.

“Understanding consumer online security behavior trends is crucial for strengthening cybersecurity across society at large,” said Bogdan Botezatu, director, threat research and reporting at Bitdefender.

“Cybercriminals continuously explore new ways to exploit human weaknesses to steal sensitive data, extort money, or gain a foothold inside systems. By understanding everyday cybersecurity practices, we can better gauge potential risks and vulnerabilities to educate consumers on ways to protect themselves more effectively such as how to use prevention, detection and digital identity protection technologies to stop attacks from being successful.”

The report, based on a survey that polled more than 10,000 consumer internet users across 11 countries, examines the use of popular online platforms and services, personal

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