Event: The 2022 CIO50 Middle East Awards now accepting submissions

Event: The 2022 CIO50 Middle East Awards now accepting submissions | CIO


CIO is proud to launch the second CIO50 Awards in the Middle East, recognising the top 50 senior technology executives driving innovation, strengthening resiliency and influencing rapid change.

Reflective of IDG’s increasing commitment to the region, CIO50 is aligned to a global awards program and viewed as a mark of excellence within the enterprise.

In 2022, CIO50 will be judged on four core pillars ofInnovation, Diversity & Culture, Workplace and Data Intelligence, honouring transformational, inspiring and enduring CIOs at both in-country and regional levels across the Middle East. 

The role of technology leaders — whether CIO, CTO, CSO or CDO — continues to rapidly evolve, driven by the emergence of pioneering technologies and business models. CIO50 will capture this change through highlighting the innovative work of individuals and organisations across the region.

Whether a small project or large company-wide initiative, entrants are encouraged to document the positive impact of technology and the business benefits of disruptive thinking.


The CIO50 is open to the top technology leader within an organisation who has overall responsibility and control of the IT vision and direction of the company.

This C-level executive provides innovation, leadership and resiliency within their organisation, while being at the forefront of decision-making and strategic change.

Specifically, the CIO50 questionnaire seeks to determine:

• the technology innovation/s that have changed the way an organisation

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