Europol takes hacker forum RaidForums offline

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Europol, together with the FBI and enforcement agencies from several European countries, have taken down RaidForums. The entire infrastructure has been confiscated. The manager and two of his accomplices have been arrested.

Europol writes this in a press statement.

Largest hacker forum in the world down

RaidForums is the largest hacker marketplace in the world according to the European investigation and enforcement agency. The platform was launched in 2015 and has more than half a million users. RaidForums gained its infamous reputation for selling access to a number of high-profile database leaks from US and UK companies.

The databases contain a variety of personal data, including information about millions of credit cards, bank account numbers, usernames, and passwords. Such data is worth its weight in gold to hackers and cybercriminals: they use the data, for example, for spamming, swatting, phishing, carrying out DDoS attacks or installing ransomware on unsuspecting victims.

These datasets were obtained from cyber-attacks carried out by hackers over the past few years, according to Europol.

RaidForums founder is a 21-year-old man from Portugal

This action – also known as operation Tourniquet – was preceded by more than one year of research. International cooperation with law enforcement agencies from Sweden, Romania, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom and the US enabled detectives to investigate and determine the roles of key targets. RaidForums domain names have been taken over by Europol. Those who visit the sites now will see a banner stating that the domain names have been seized.

According to the US Department of Justice, a 21-year-old Portuguese man is the founder and operator

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