European Commission wants European electronic health record

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If it is up to the European Commission, doctors and other healthcare specialists will have direct access to the medical data of European citizens in the future. A European electronic health record should not only save lives, but also give citizens “complete control” over their medical data, both at home and abroad. The Commission calls it a “historic step forward towards digital healthcare in the EU”.

The EU’s executive board announces the ambitious plans via a press release.

‘Building block of the European Health Union’

The European Health Data Space (EHDS) is to be “one of the central building blocks of a strong European Health Union”. The idea behind this legislation is that Europeans can share their health data with doctors and other professionals in the health and care sector. It does not matter whether you are in your own country or if you are visiting another EU Member State.

Suppose you are a heart patient and on holiday in Europe. In the unlikely event that you lose your medicines, or have packed too few pills, you can get a new dose from your GP with a European electronic patient file. If you have ever undergone medical examinations in the past, the results can be found in the file. After all, you never know when a doctor will need this information.

‘A historic step forward’

Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, thinks the EHDS will save lives. Citizens also gain full control over their medical data. “The European Health Data Space represents a fundamental breakthrough in

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