Europe Gets a New DDoS Attack Record

DDoS Attacks Intensify Worldwide Amid Geopolitical Unrest Brian Pereira (creed_digital) • August 5, 2022     Image: Shutterstock

Online attackers converted an Eastern Europe company’s online domain into a DDoS frontline through a series of bandwidth-consuming attacks unprecedented in size and scope. Akamai Technologies, which detected and halted the attacks, says the incident is the largest European distributed denial-of-service attack on record.

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The company isn’t revealing the victim. The incident comes amid reports of amped-up DDoS attack global volumes. Akamai rival Cloudflare also recently detected a “largest attack,” while Ukraine and Russia have each reported intensified DDoS incidents. In Ukraine’s case, attempts to knock government websites offline began even before the Russian invasion.

DDoS attacks use compromised devices to send malicious network traffic to a targeted server with the intent of overwhelming the target with traffic so it is unable to accept legitimate requests.

Akamai said attackers targeted the Eastern European victim 75 times over 30 days in July. The hackers used well-coordinated global botnets of high-bandwidth IoT devices. The attack traffic peaked at 853.7 gigabits per second, or 659.6 million packets per second, during a 14-hour period.

Attackers used a number of methods but turned most often to UDP, the connectionless and sessionless transport layer protocol. They had global reach and full control of botnets used to launch the spoofed UDP queries, says Dean Houari, director of security

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