EU finds evidence of spyware on phones EU employees

Spyware was found on the smartphones of various EU employees. Didier Reynders, European Commissioner of Justice, writes in a letter that Apple warned him in 2021 that his iPhone may have been hacked with NSO Group’s spy software. His devices and those of employees were examined. It turned out that there were indications that a hack had taken place.

That writes Reuters. The American news agency managed to get hold of a letter from European Commissioner Reynders addressed to Sophie in ‘t Veld, the reporter of the investigative committee that looks at the extent to which Pegasus has been used to wiretap European politicians.

Pegasus, or possibly other spyware?

Reynders gives few details in the letter. The European Commissioner does say, however, that “it is impossible to attribute these indications with complete certainty to a specific perpetrator”. It is therefore unclear whether it concerns Pegasus, or whether eavesdropping software from another manufacturer has been found. There are plenty of candidates for that.

Last month, Google stumbled upon spyware called Hermit. RCS Lab, a security company from Milan, is responsible for the development of the spy software. This would have been used to eavesdrop on people in Italy, Kazakhstan and Syria. The company says it adheres to all laws and regulations and denies being involved in secretly spying on smartphone users.

This week, Greek opposition leader and MEP Nikos Androulakis filed a complaint for being the victim of spyware called Predator. He received a suspicious message with a URL he didn’t trust. Androulakis had his phone examined and found

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