erwin® Data Modeler by Quest® R12.0: Leading the way with a new DevOps GitHub capability

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If you’re a long-time erwin® Data Modeler by Quest® customer, you might be asking yourself, “What happened to the release naming convention of erwin Data Modeler?” In 2021 erwin Data Modeler released 2021R1. But in 2022, the release naming convention changed from following the standard practice using the current year and number of releases to R12.


“Because erwin Data Modeler and erwin Data Intelligence are closely aligned and provide complementary services, it just made sense to align the release naming convention,” said Prashant Parikh, vice president, Development Engineering, R&D at Quest Software. “So, this release of erwin Data Modeler aligns with the release of erwin Data Intelligence 12.0,” he concluded.

What’s new in erwin Data Modeler R12.0?

Besides being an award-winning data modeling tool, erwin Data Modeler is proving it can still innovate by adding even more NoSQL database connectivity support options and a DevOps feature that makes this trusted 30-year tool the new kid on the block again.

In addition to our existing relational, cloud, big data DBMS and NoSQL targets, this release adds full support for six new NoSQL databases and one upgrade:

Neo4j ArangoDB Parquet DynamoDB Amazon Keyspaces Google Big Query Couchbase 7.0

The last release erwin Data Modeler added support for: Couchbase 6.0, Cassandra, MongoDB, JSON and AVRO. With this release we have added a significant number of NoSQL databases and we will continue this journey in upcoming releases. The biggest advantage is that now users can model NoSQL databases as

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