erwin by Quest advances erwin Data Vault automation and certification efforts

The World Wide Data Vault Consortium (WWDVC 2023) started today and erwin® by Quest®, one of the few active participants working toward a Data Vault 2.0 certification with the DataVaultAlliance, is announcing major advancements in our erwin Data Vault Automation solution. erwin by Quest provides a comprehensive suite of automation, data modeling, data intelligence, and data governance capabilities to data vault teams.

The erwin Data Vault Automation solution reduces Data Vault implementation time and cost by up to 70%

The erwin Data Vault Automation solution automates the manual processes associated with designing, deploying, documenting and maintaining Data Vaults and provides professional services to assist you in achieving success. Leveraging erwin Data Modeler by Quest, erwin Data Vault Automation provides companies with the needed flexibility to incorporate a wide variety of data sources into a scalable 2.0-enabled Data Vault representing the reality of the complex and diverse data landscapes today. With the addition of erwin Smart Data Connectors, the solution can accelerate your project and reduce Data Vault implementation complexity, time, and cost by up to 70%.

With universal code generation from JavaScript to Python, Liquibase, views and stored procedures, the erwin Data Vault Automation solution gives you a wide array of Data Vault automation capabilities to flexibly deliver a Data Vault faster. erwin by Quest provides model and DDL generation, metadata-driven automation, data movement, data mapping, DML generation, and change management and version control. And data intelligence, data literacy and data governance capabilities from erwin by Quest can fast-track

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