Episode 239: Power shifts from Russia to China in the Cyber Underground

In this episode of the podcast (#239) we speak with Naomi Yusupov, a Chinese Intelligence Analyst at the threat intelligence firm CyberSixgill about that company’s new report: The Bear and the Dragon: Analyzing the Russian and Chinese Cybercriminal Communities. 

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As Russia’s war on Ukraine, and Western nations’ sanctions against Russia for its aggression begin to bite, one big question is what role countries like China will play in the conflict. While nominally an ally of Russia, China has so far refused to violate Western sanctions on shipping technology and military supplies. But what about cyber space?  

And, while initial expectations of major cyber attacks didn’t come to pass, cyber operations have so far played an important role in the conflict, with Russians releasing custom wiper malware against Ukrainian targets in the early days of the war, and Ukraine striking back with targeted hacks and denial of service attacks on Russian government organizations and companies. 

Naomi Yusupov is a Cyber Intelligence Analyst at CyberSixGill Ukraine war spills into Cyber Underground

The war and wartime alliances have also spilled over into the Dark Web and the cybercriminal underground. Russia has long

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