Episode 226: The Cyber Consequences Of Our Throw Away Culture

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In this episode of the podcast (#226) we speak with John Shegerian, the Chairman and CEO of Electronics Recycling International (ERI) about his new book: “The Insecurity of Everything.” John and I talk about the world’s growing electronic waste problem and how foreign actors are believed to be harvesting sensitive data from laptops, phones and other electronics discarded by the U.S. and other nations.

A note: we have free copies of John’s book available for Security Ledger podcast listeners. If you’d like one use the button below to sign up and receive your copy!

As always,  you can check our full conversation in our latest Security Ledger podcast at Blubrry. You can also listen to it on iTunes and Spotify. Or, check us out on Google PodcastsStitcherRadio Public and more. Also: if you enjoy this

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