EP103 Security Incident Response and Public Cloud – Exploring with Mandiant

This podcast opens our 2023 – first episode of our Season 3!

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Guest: Nader Zaveri, Senior Manager of IR and Remediation at Mandiant, now part of Google Cloud Topics covered: Resources: “How to Cloud IR or Why Attackers Become Cloud Native Faster?” (ep98)“How to prepare for detection & response in the cloud” Google Cloud Next 2022 presentation“Security Incident Response in the Cloud: A Few Ideas” blogGCP Cloud Logging“Security at Scale: Logging in AWS” paper“AWS Security Incident Response Whitepaper” paper Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: Web:  cloud.withgoogle.com/cloudsecurity/podcast Mail:  cloudsecuritypodcast@google.com Twitter:  @CloudSecPodcast

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