Employee onboarding needs to be engaging – But how can security be preserved?

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The tech professional labor market is an extremely competitive and difficult place right now. The stakes are so high that CNBC has highlighted certain companies that are offering paid vacations before new hires even begin the job.

This is a great environment for workers, and is something pushing employer standards higher and higher. This includes the onboarding process, in which employees are brought into the fold and then provided with all of the setup they need to get a running start in the business. As companies seek to move through the onboarding process quickly, cyber risks are presented – as with any expedited business process.

Sensitive data exchange

As part of the onboarding process, employees will need to exchange sensitive personal data. Indeed, having a well-structured “day 1” plan in which pay schedules, security codes, personal information and HR data is exchanged is absolutely crucial to maintaining good employee service and ensuring engagement. Dealing with these requests in a quick fashion achieves that, but it’s also important to note that this is where security risks can occur.

Indeed, US News highlights the fact that 2022 has been a bumper year for data breaches; Microsoft, Uber, Ronin and News Corp have all experienced huge attacks. In order to ensure that sensitive data can be exchanged safely, a holistic review of corporate and third-party security systems

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