Email is our greatest productivity tool. That’s why phishing is so dangerous to everyone

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From the most basic ‘you’ve won a prize’ scams to the most advanced espionage campaigns, attacks targeting our inboxes are successful again and again. 

There’s a reason cyber criminals and hackers continue to send millions of phishing emails

Because, no matter whether you’re working from the office or working remotely from home, email still plays a vital part in our working day. Sure, there’s now a place for Slack, or Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, or whatever overlay of productivity software you are expected to use. 

But for most people, getting stuff done still comes down to email. 

The strengths of email: anyone can email you, and add all sorts of attachments. The weaknesses of email: anyone can email you, and add all sorts of attachments. So, while email is one of the most powerful productivity tools around, it’s also a big source of risk.

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Most of us are still dealing with email overload (now we also have overload via all those other communications tools, too). Many of you will still be looking at — and trying to respond to — hundreds of messages from colleagues, clients, or anyone else you do business with, every day.

But how long do you spend looking at those emails; are they really who they say they’re from? 

Cyber criminals know that our time is tight and that we won’t

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