Education sector has improving window of exposure despite lower remediation rates and higher than average time to fix: report

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A new report from NTT Application Security has found that applications used by organizations in the education sector have an improving window of exposure despite having lower remediation rates and a higher than average time to fix.

This month, the NTT Application Security research team focused on cyberthreats targeting education applications as security concerns in that sector continue to grow with the school year starting. 

Accelerated online learning environments due to the pandemic and considerable rates of ransomware and phishing attacks against K-12 schools have increased focus on the unique cybersecurity challenges these organizations face. 

According to the report, although the education sector’s breach exposure has remained relatively consistent this year, it’s taking longer to fix high severity vulnerabilities compared to other industries (206 days vs 201 days). 

Additionally, applications within the education sector show an increased Window of Exposure (WoE) rate, rising to 57% in August from 53% last month.

Setu Kulkarni, vice president of strategy at NTT

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