Dutch scammer sentenced to 4.5 years in prison

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The court in the Northern Netherlands sentenced a man on Thursday for large-scale digital fraud. According to the  Public Prosecution Service, it is a scammer “from the top layer of the phishing world. The 22-year-old man from Groningen has been sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.

The cybercriminal himself was not present at the hearing. He was on the run but has since been arrested again.

The ruling concludes an investigation for which the detectives tapped De Groninger between September 2, 2020, and September 20, 2020. During those days, he sent almost 130,000 text messages from a device, supposedly from PostNL.

Big fish in the phishing world

The prosecutor emphasized that the man was not only carrying out phishing scams. “He can program and also compiled or improved the source code of the panels himself. The investigation also revealed that he advised others on setting up phishing panels. The suspect thus functioned as a criminal helpdesk,” the officer stated during the substantive hearing on 4 November.

The officer concluded from this that Groninger

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