Dutch police takes FluBot infrastructure offline

The cybercrime team of the police in the east of the Netherlands, together with ten other countries and Europol, have taken the FluBot network off the air. This has prevented more than 6.5 million spam messages from being sent by SMS. The malware can no longer kill victims.

That writes the police and Europol in a press release.

FluBot kills thousands in Europe

FlutBot first made itself heard at the end of 2020. But it wasn’t until May 2021 that the malware really became known. FluBot made victims all over Europe, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Finland. Our country had tens of thousands of victims. According to the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT), at least nine thousand Belgians installed the malware on their mobile phones.

FluBot installs itself via SMS. Android users received a text message telling them to install an app to track their package. In reality, it was a malicious application that secretly collected personal information, including credentials of crypto wallets. It could also change money amounts and bank account numbers of financial transactions and could see exactly what you typed.

The malware was able to spread like wildfire. Because he had access to the contacts of infected smartphones, the text message was automatically forwarded. In the past year, we saw several variants pass by. For example, FlutBot disguised itself as an app to listen to voicemails and a Flash Player application.

Infrastructure FluBot off the air

In any case, FluBot can no longer make new victims for the time being. That’s because the

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