Driving Business Value: Creating a Risk-Aware Culture in Your Organization

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Simply put, “risk is no longer only for the risk professional.” This single statement contains two parts: one of awareness and one of recommendation. Organizations where non-compliance is the norm will sooner or later find themselves on the wrong end of a negative event. But those agile and forward-looking companies who build a culture of risk awareness stand to gain strategic advantages in their marketplace.

Companies, of course, need the proper tools, processes, and policies in place to reap such benefits, but it is the underlying culture that unifies an organization and provides the agility to drive business value when it comes to fostering a risk-aware culture.

A successful risk-aware culture is not derived overnight, and you need to build it and make sure both its implementation and ongoing nurturing receive the attention it deserves. Recently I had the pleasure of speaking at LogicGate’s annual conference, Agility 2021, highlighting what companies can do to build a risk-aware culture. Based on my experience, here are a

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