Does Best Buy tackle crime differently from Apple? I had to ask

Best defense?

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Some things about it didn’t feel quite right.

Other things about it felt very right indeed.

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So I stared and stared again, wondering whether it was a setup or a skit even.

Here was a video emitted on Twitter. It showed three sprightly youths storming a Best Buy. They tried to rip some phones from a display.

It really wasn’t going perfectly. Those security cords can be sturdy.

Meanwhile, seven Best Buy employees began to line up in the aisles as if they were an NFL defense in an attempt to block the shoplifters from leaving the store.

Sadly, the video stopped before viewers could see if any tackles were made or any penalties were called.

Millions, though, watched in wonder and wondered.

I was one, of course. So I immediately asked Best Buy whether its policy allowed– or even encouraged — employees to block and, perhaps, tackle.

Apple’s policy, for example, is very clear: let them take what they can and don’t intervene. However, at some Apple stores, there’s uniformed security on hand to do the professional intervening.

I waited for Best Buy to get back to me.

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