Dispatch from the Global Privacy Assembly: The brave new world of international data transfers

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The future of international data transfers is multi-dimensional, exploring new territories around the world, featuring binding international agreements for effective enforcement cooperation and slowly entering the agenda of high level intergovernmental organizations. All this surfaced from notable keynotes delivered during the 43rd edition of the Global Privacy Assembly Conference, hosted remotely by Mexico’s data protection authority, INAI, on October 18 and 19.  

“The crucial importance of data flows is generally recognized as an inescapable fact”, noted Bruno Gencarelli, Head of Unit for International Data Flows and Protection at the European Commission, at the beginning of his keynote address. Indeed, from the shockwaves sent by the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) with the Schrems II judgment in 2020, to the increasingly poignant data localization push in several jurisdictions around the world, underpinned by the reality that data flows are at the center of daily lives during the pandemic with remote work, school, global conferences and everything else – the field of international data

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