Disinfo Update 24/01/2023

Good morning, Disinfo Update readers!

The year starts fast at EU DisinfoLab. Following a productive 2-day strategic meeting, putting some perspectives into the work we’ve collectively achieved in 2022, and reflecting upon our 2023 priorities, we’ve welcomed Heini Järvinen, Projects and Communications Manager, to our team. Heini brings her extensive European expertise at an exciting time for the organisation. Expect to hear from her very soon!

This bi-weekly edition comes in with a new section: “This week’s recommended read”, featuring one of our team member’s latest favourite reads. An opportunity for you to get to know us better, and go beyond our disinformation lens! Let’s kick it off with Alexandre’s!

Have a great read!

Disinfo news & updates RT France down. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Union banned the Russian state-backed outlets Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik from broadcasting within the EU. Despite this ban, RT’s French edition had continued producing content, which was broadcasted in African francophone countries, and the channel was also still available online. Last week, Le Monde reported that the channel could collapse after the French state froze its funds, which happened over the weekend. Inspiring. Finland ranked No. 1 of 41 European countries on resilience against misinformation for the fifth time in a row in a survey by the Open Society Institute. Officials say that this success is the result of a strong education system combined with a collective effort to teach students about disinformation. Media literacy is part of the

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