Digital Blood On Their Hands

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On Thursday 24 February 2022, coincidently, the same day of my sister’s birthday, Russia launched a comprehensive invasion of Ukraine. This attack followed weeks of Russian forces building on the Russian, Ukrainian border amidst dismissive rhetoric by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Russia’s President of a ‘special operations exercise’ and weeks of cyberwar attacks on critical digital infrastructure.

What made this war markedly different from any other war in history was its use of cyberwar as a precursor to the Kinetic war that followed some 5 weeks later.

Russia launched a cyberwar offensive against Ukraine and although the methods and attacks were nothing particularly new in their use and deployment, it was the sheer scale and debilitating nature of over 70 Ukraine Government websites and infrastructure that caused chaos across many normal Ukraine Government channels.

Cyber Black Market

Attacks such as Man in The Middle (MiTM) and no doubt code injections to enable Domain Admin Access and Domain Hijacking and Takeover were witnessed. Although such attacks are nothing particularly new, as these followed closely in the fashion seen in 2020 when SolarWinds who had suffered similar digital intrusions, using near identical methods with the same outcomes, it was the scale and audacity that was shocking and crippling.

What is more, it also heralded a major milestone that other Governments’ own basic security negligence also left them highly exposed. That thin red line had undoubtedly been crossed and would threaten every government and country globally as unlike a warhead with a limited

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