DHS Review Board Deems Log4j an ‘Endemic’ Cyber Threat

The US Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB) has concluded that the Apache Log4j vulnerability disclosed in December 2021 will remain a significant risk to organizations for the next decade or longer.

The recently formed board, made up of private industry and government cybersecurity experts, determined that the open source community is not adequately resourced to ensure the security of its code and requires broad assistance from stakeholders across the private and public sectors. In a report published, today, the board recommended that federal agencies — as some of the largest consumers of open source code — contribute to open source security and called on the government to consider funding investments to improve security of the ecosystem.

CSRB released a set of 19 high-level recommendations for organizations to mitigate exposure to Log4j-related attacks and other similar software supply chain risks going forward. The recommendations for organizations include looking for and replacing vulnerable Log4j versions, establishing processes to prevent re-introduction of vulnerable versions into the environment, and maintaining an accurate inventory of IT assets and applications.

An Endemic Vulnerability

The CSRB’s conclusions and recommendations are based on its months-long investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Log4j vulnerability disclosure and the response to it from the open source community, technology vendors, and government and private organizations.

“The Board assesses that Log4j is an ‘endemic vulnerability’ and that vulnerable instances of Log4j will remain in systems for many years to come,” the CSRB said a report

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