Democrats Want Sanctions Against NSO Group

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Several prominent US Democratic Party politicians want the government to take action against the NSO Group and three other companies that offer surveillance products and services. They find it unacceptable that they help totalitarian regimes to violate human rights. That is why they are asking the Ministry of Finance and the Department of the Interior to impose financial sanctions against the companies.

This is apparent from a letter that the politicians have written to the government. This letter has been seen by the Reuters news agency.

‘Turning off the tap of US dollars’

The letter was signed by Ron Wyden, Adam Shiff and 16 other prominent members of the Democratic Party. In the letter, they ask for sanctions to be imposed on top executives of the NSO Group, cybersecurity firm DarkMatter and European suppliers of surveillance products Nexa Technologies and Trovicor.

The Democrats find it unacceptable that the NSO Group and the other companies facilitate “the disappearance, torture and murder of human rights activists and journalists”. To express their disapproval of this, they have to be hit in their wallets. “To meaningfully punish them and send a clear signal to the surveillance and surveillance technology industry, the US government should impose financial sanctions,” the politicians said.

“These surveillance mercenaries sold their services to authoritarian regimes with a long track record of human rights abuses, and gave massive espionage powers to tyrants,” Senator Wyden told Reuters. “These nations naturally used surveillance tools to imprison, torture and murder reporters and human rights, activists. The Biden administration has a chance to turn off the tap on US dollars and eliminate them for good.”

NSO Group denies spying practices with Pegasus software

The NSO Group has been under fire for years for its Pegasus software. Pegasus is basically spyware that collects text messages, emails, photos, videos, location data and contact phone numbers, among other things. In addition, the spy software can record phone calls, take screenshots and turn on the camera.

The NSO Group is accused of selling Pegasus to dictatorial regimes. According to Amnesty International and other NGOs, the governments of these countries use the surveillance software to track independent human rights activists and critical journalists. Last summer,

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