Demand for privacy professionals soars in ‘dynamic,’ ‘cross-functional’ field

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Growing up with a deep passion for sharks that left her wanting to “spend all day everyday with them,� Melanie Ensign pursued a college degree in marine biology. About halfway through the program, Ensign realized she was not particularly excited by jobs in the field, so she changed course, a decision that ultimately led her to cybersecurity and privacy.

“If you were to ask me, was it a waste of time for me to study marine biology if this is where I was going to end up, or do those skills translate? Absolutely,� said Ensign, Founder & CEO of Discernible, which helps organizations adopt communications strategies to improve security and privacy outcomes. “I learned how to talk to people effectively about things that scare them and things they don’t understand. That is literally what my company does today.�

With a growing presence before company leaders and the public, particularly amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and with data protection legislation in place and emerging around the

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