Deeper Dive: Why Personal Data Deletion Matters

Our 2022 Data Security Incident Response Report discussed how businesses can be better positioned to meet the tight data breach notification deadlines now imposed in dozens of countries worldwide. In particular, we highlighted some steps businesses can proactively take to improve their ability to meet these notice requirements, including:

Knowing which international laws and regulatory authorities are applicable to your business; Recognizing the types of personal data covered by each applicable foreign law; Clearly understanding your business’s global business profile and compliance posture; Having basic information commonly requested in notice forms readily available; and Making sure to account for translation time.

In this blog post, we discuss another proactive step businesses can take to minimize the effects of a personal data breach – avoiding the over-retention of personal data before an incident. Most comprehensive data protection laws, including new U.S. state privacy laws, already have something to say about limiting personal data storage. But cleaning up the personal data your business holds

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