Dealing with alert fatigue, Part 1

Gazillion tickets, gazillion emails a day. The business as usual for most SOCs…

It actually doesn’t matter how we got here (although I will cover some bits later on) – what matters is that we ARE here, and it literally sucks the life out of us, and every new dozen of emails/tickets coming in so frequently during the day makes us all die inside more and more…

This series will solve many problems for you. Okay, not really, but it will give you ideas and tools that you can use to make the life easier for yourself and your team. And if you do need help, ping me & I will be happy to help. Fair warning that if you ask a lot of questions I may want to charge you, but I will be actually saving money for your org. Lower headcount, better morale. It will be worth it.

Okay, so a quick background first: over last 20 years I have worked many queues: localization bugs, analysis of malware samples from customers, analysis of sandbox samples to improve sandbox engine quality, as well as tones of IR emails and tickets that I had to work on one by one… I worked on call, covered follow the Sun queue processing, and led teams doing so. In every org I worked for I made it a priority to reduce ‘the stupid’.

What does it mean in practice?

In all these cases I always tried to make the life for everyone involved

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