DDoS Attacks On Metaverses: What Is The Threat?

For those currently working on metaverse creation, we strongly recommend that you address the issues of protection against DDoS attacks and resilience to DDoS impacts in advance. 

Otherwise, there is a high probability that one day these metaverses will literally collapse in front of many thousands or even millions of their users.

Metaverses – At The Dawn Of Evolution

By the end of 2021, the IT industry is talking amicably about the upcoming creation of metaverses. And although the wave of reports about it died down rather quickly, it is safe to assume that work in this direction will continue.

It may surprise you, but the term “metaverse” is anything but new. According to the idea of its inventor, science fiction writer Neal Town Stephenson, who introduced the term in the novel “Snow Crash”, 1992, the metaverse will be a kind of fusion of the physical and digital worlds, where “the past lives and the nonexistent lives”, where reality will be combined with augmented and virtual reality, and where, according to Stephenson, people will live and work: grow up, study, make acquaintances, make friends, raise children, work, spend their free time, etc.

Current digital environments do not reach the metaverses of their original conception, to say the least, and the devices for immersion in augmented and virtual reality leave much to be desired: some are too imperfect, others too expensive. But there is no doubt that one day they will be as high-end, affordable and mass-produced as smartphones, for example.

By then, the metaverses themselves will

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