DDoS Attacks in 2022 Exceeded All Records, Says Russia’s Largest ISP

The largest Russian ISP, Rostelecom, reports that DDoS attacks against Russian businesses hit an all-time high in 2022.

In distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS), threat actors try to make a website or service that uses the internet inaccessible by flooding it with so many requests that the server can’t accept any more connections. This makes the service stop working.

On both sides of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, hackers have used DDoS attacks to shut down important services, usually in response to actions or statements made about the war.

In a recently released report, Rostelecom says that its experts have found 21.5 million critical web attacks on about 600 Russian organizations in different sectors, such as telecom, retail, finance, and the public sector.

Rostelecom found that the most powerful DDoS attack was 760 GB/sec, almost twice as big as the most powerful attack from the previous year. The longest DDoS attack lasted nearly three months.

Moscow, the Most Attacked Region

Moscow, where most of Russia’s best companies are based, was the most attacked area in 2022. Rostelecom says it found more than 500,000 DDoS attacks on entities in the city.

The DDoS attacks started in March and continued until May 2022, when they reached their peak. Rostelecom says that the IP addresses show that these attacks came from the United States and targeted financial institutions.

One of Russia’s largest banks, Sberbank, stated it was hit by the largest DDoS attack it has ever seen, with a throughput of 450 GB/sec, which

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