Data Protection Law & Ring Doorbells

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Oxford County Court has recently heard a case that highlighted the ‘menace’ of homeowners who are using a Ring product to guard their homes. The Ring products such as smart doorbells and security cameras are becoming more and more popular.

Note: Other monitoring and security systems are available.

Case Summary

The disagreement occurred after Mr. Woodard installed several security cameras around his home and a Ring Doorbell. The doorbell and the cameras were installed with the capabilities of recording video and sound. Mr. Woodard’s neighbour, Dr. Fairhurst, noticed that one of the cameras was directly pointed at her home, and it did not capture any of Mr. Woodard’s property. Dr. Fairhurst decided to claim against Mr. Woodard for harassment and a breach of data protection legislation.

The Judge found that Mr. Woodard had tried to deceive Dr. Fairhurst regarding the type of and nature of data processed and found Mr. Woodard in breach of the rule regarding transparency.

The Court accepted that Mr. Woodard did

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